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Epic barrel at Macaronis, one of the premier breaks in the Mentawais.

Guest Reviews

"Best trip Stanley Badger, The Kiamana Crew and Surging Waters! Legends!! Ill be back...."

Joel Proctor - 19 June 2013,

"Thanks to Stan and the awesome crew of the Kiamana for an epic trip to the Ments. What a team! I could not have asked for more. I will be back.. 25July 1. The benefits of sailing to a new spot. Phil Ackland reaps the rewards 2. Our spacious top deck is always a winner for sundowners 3. Kaimana` s 2 tender boats trailing through a majestic sunset 4. The most popular species of game fish out in the mentawais - The Spanish Mackeral 5. Late night parties on the back deck are not uncommon "

Andrew Guy Coultas - 25 July 2013,

"Great crew, great service, great food, exceptionally good surf guide, boat has lot’s of separate areas to chill if you want quiet time and plenty of space where you can all get together as one, can’t miss having a great experience on the Kaimana."

Rod Landy - October 2012, Australia

"This was my first trip to INDO. As an older –but more avid 58 yr old kneeboarder/seasoned Baja California traveller – I thought the trip, surf crew and guide were exceptional. Not a lot of fluff but a real solid surf expedition. "

Michael Nisito - 22nd September, USA

"Trip was amazing. The surf / food and crew were unreal!"

John Hart - 22nd September, Perth WA

"Trip was great. The other guests were top blokes and Stan was always in a good mood, cracking jokes and having fun which was infectious. Easy to see why Brainy and the boys keep coming back for more!"

Hugh Davis - 22nd September, Perth WA

"This was the best charter i have been on . The boat, crew, food , waves and everything in between was spot on . thanks for everything and i really hope to return in the future ."

Andrew Miller - 8th September, Perth WA

"I had the best Mentawaiis trip yet, the food was amazing, Supa is Iron Chef just missing the sword; Stan had us on the waves everyday and kept the party going every night. I will be back next year."

Cameron Butler - 8th September, Perth WA

"The trip was awesome, every aspect of it could not be better. Food was some of the best ive had in indo. Crew was awesome, except someone may have conveniently moved my sunglasses so i couldnt find them, which i never got back after asking and looking everywhere:( Stan was great at finding us uncrowded surf and a very chilled, knowledgeable and entertaining addition. I would totally book with you guys again and will highly recommend the company and boat. "

Alex Tureck - 22nd September, USA

"Trip was awesome and Stan did a great job finding us unreal and uncrowded waves."

Brian Gunderson - 7th July, Australia

"Everyone had a great trip. Your very lucky to have scored Stan as your new surf guide he`s got the perfect personality for the job. He made it his mission and went out of his way to make sure everyone had a great time. He takes really good care of all the guests and makes sure the crew are happy and safe aswell. I was totally impressed and stoked to meet someone like Stanley. He is the sort of character that is so happy and stoked to be out there that it rubs off onto all the guests. We all had a great trip. The crew,cook and captain on Kaimana are fantastic and looked after us the whole time. Thanks for a great experience. "

Matt Eves - 7th July, Australia

"This was my first surf trip on a boat and it was everything plus a lot more.Surf was awesome heaps of different breaks and most uncrowded just like in the mags. The crew where there every minute of the day to meet your needs,Shaneo could not have done anymore to put us in the right spots and best waves. Overall great boat great crew and a great bunch of mates ."

David Pike - April 2012, Australia

"My first trip to the Ments. I had a wicked time! The boat is epic and the crew is even better. Great food, great waves and great times."

Willem Hartgerink - May 2012, Australia

"2nd trip to the Ments, had a great experience with all of my friends and the crew and Shayno and Badger made the trip a whole lot more fun. Surf Guides were experienced and both liked to amp us up when we hit our day 5 burnout. Very cool trip and great memories. Thanks for the adventure."

Tyron Marshall - May 2012, Australia

"Top trip, good food,top crew, great guide and can't wait to do it again.Thanks heaps Paul .[STITCH]"

Paul Sait - September 2011, WA

"Great crew, great chef and a fantastic boat. As for the surf what an awesome place, got the best waves of my life and a sick stand up barrell at HT's!!!"

John Hart - September 2011, WA

"Thanks Kaimana and crew. Another awesome trip. The way we are looked after by Shayne and the crew is second to none. Though we didn't get all time waves, we felt we were put on the right spots at the best times. Thanks again and see you next year! Taste it!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mike Brain - September 2011, WA

"Well it's been 4 weeks since we got back to Newcastle from the Craig captained Kaimana trip of a lifetime (May 27th to June 8th). Can I say that all of you are amazing as you made everything so easy and enjoyable, and whilst on the trip had to pinch myself because I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Better than I could ever imagine, I am still talking about the trip. The food was incredible and as good as any top class restaurant that I have been to. (Awesome work cookie) All the crew worked tirelessly to make sure all was perfect and they did it with a heartfelt smile,(Thanks boys) Captain Craig what a genius, got us to the best waves at the best times and we all enjoyed his company. The boat was very spacious, with comfy bed and it all worked like clockwork. Thanks for the mind blowing memories and feelings that will remain in my heart forever. Wishing you all the very best for now and the future."

Craig Hubbard - May 2011, NSW

"You'll always wonder beforehand about the other's on the boat you don't know. Well we couldn't have picked a better bunch. Unreal. Surfed, fished, ate, drank and laughed my guts out. Many thanks to all concerned. Can't wait to go again."

Longy - April 2011, QLD, Australia

"Hi Shayne, Craig and Kaimana crew, I would like to thank you guys once more for the trip my friends and I had in May 2011. The set up on the boat, your crew's very special input and your 'calls' on excellent surf gave us enough memories, emotions and 'snap shots' To rate these moments as the best ever in our lives. PS. Shayne, your DVD collection is the best in Indo! Stoked.."

Gunther Kapten Rieth - , Mauritius, April 2011

"Guys…Great Crew which I thank with great respect. Done a few surf trips, but this one definitely the best! Great Waves, Boat,and very good vibes,trip of a lifetime not to miss! Hope to be back sometimes. Memories of a great time in life are carved and will never be forgotten. Wish you all the best for future cruises and keep the five stars shining! Thanks again to you all and great Indonisians!"

Nicolas Maingard - , Mauritius, April 2011

"Got the best waves of my life, really awesome boat, food was unreal, the crew work really hard and are great blokes, Best surf trip ever."

Michael Page - April 2011, WA

"Kaimana and the crew were amazing! I am already looking forward to my next trip and I recommend this charter to anyone interested in surfing the Mentawais. Excellent surf with a guide who knows how to put you in the right spot at the right time."

Brian Nett - April 2011, USA

"Get your boards and pack your boardies, surfing the Mentawais will brighten your mind and challenge your body. The guys on Kaimana will look after you like kings along the way. "

Cameron Black - , Australia, June 10

"I've been on 5 surf charter boats now and this one had everything I valued in each one. Great rooms and individual aircon, cold cold beer, Awesome local food and enough familiar food to keep the fussy blokes happy, Great trustworthy crew with a good attitude, not cheap on the inclusions, an experienced surf guide who you can talk to and understand and the best value out there. Thanks Guys, I'll be back!"

Connor Brown - , Australia, June 10

"I had a great time on the charter and think that all the crew especially Shayne and Craig did a great job. The boat was awesome too. I will be using you guys again. "

Lyon - , Australia, May 10

"... but then I will have more competition for a spot when I book next time :) but seriously I had an awesome time, so a big thanks to the crew and the fact that the Kaimana is a very suitable boat. Thanks again. "

Brendan Hirniak - , Australia, May 10

"The galloping peacock tour '08 was the best trip we all have been on, we didn't even get the best of surf but a good boat,crew and the best china plates made it the funnest trip ever, stay tuned for the movie "tear up your car seat" thanks again, kaimana rips!"

Kit Rayner - , Western Australia, July 08

"Had a great trip,the boat was better than expected, the crew were unreal, food was excellent & Shane is a great guy. We had some quality waves,nothing huge but with the guys on the trip it was perfect. I didn't want to leave."

Denny - Morocsurf [], Morocco, May 08

"It was great I really enjoyed it and we all got on great. Crew and guests. I injured myself too and Shane was very thorough in looking after my stitches. It didn't get infected and I was back in the water 2 days later. I got the worst guest injury he had seen in three years! Does this mean I get a discount next year!? Great work guys. Transfers went smoothly to and from the airport also. Had a ball. Thanks Kaimana!"

Ben Hargrave - , Perth WA, May 08

"We scored great waves, food great, crew very effective yet not intrusive. Shane is a very knowledgeable guide."

Donovan Lawrence - , South Africa, April 08

"Great boat. Great Crew. Great food. Great Surf and Great Fun - what more can you ask?"

Mark Jackson - , United Kingdom, Oct 07

"Thanks to everyone that made this surf trip my most memorable to date, I have travelled the world and surfed in the most remote destinations, but to be looked after to such a high standard and taken to the best surf spots in the Mentawai's does not get any better than the trip we had thanks guys."

Robin Coleman - Atticus Clothing Sales Manager, United Kingdom, Sept 07

"Most spacious and comfortable boat I could see out there. Boards were protected and out the way but with easy access. Great sundeck with cranking stereo system, and to have a separate TV/lounge room and dinning room is awesome!"

Ben Whitcombe - , Western Australia, Sept 07

"The waves and culture of the Mentawai's is one thing to experience, but having expert crew and service to put you in the right place at the right time is another. Shane and the boys were on every spot in every right swell and wind direction every time. Their assistance and guidance not only starts and ends with the boat trip, but from the minute you step off the plane in Padang and board once again to go home. The behind the scenes help of Joe and Amy definitely does not go unnoticed as they tirelessly worked to fill our charted and makes things possible. Cheers guys! Once again an unreal trip with a lot of memories!"

Daniel Fritchley - , Western Australia, Sept 07

"The trip was fantastic, organisation was spot on from the moment we landed in Padang all the way through to our reluctant departure. Shayne and the crew looked after us like kings. The Mentawai islands were all I expected them to be and the surf was great. All in all the surf trip of a lifetime."

John Hoult - , Australia, May 07

"Thank you for a trip of a lifetime. We scored a solid swell and good conditions the entire trip. Shayne had us anchored at each spot before any other boat every day."

Curtis Clave - , USA, May 07

"Thank you Shane for the great experience of the Mentawai's. The crew and the hospitality was second to none. Thanks to the captain and the crew i felt right at home. The waves and the whole experience of the Indonesian people will be a great memory for many years. I will recommend the Kaimana to everyone i know. Thanks again and many safe trips to Shane and your crew."

Ocean Campbell - , USA, 2006

"Amazing boat, amazing waves and great crew. Joe, Shayne and Amy were terrific hosts! Best surf trip I've ever done...."

Mikey Morgan - Professional Surfer, Ireland, April 05

"A perfect, no hassles surf trip where I pushed my surfing and relaxing to new limits! Surging Waters helped us to seek out & surf some of the best waves we'd ever seen. Try it for yourself!"

Matt Stillo - Lost Team Manager, UK, April 05

"Fantastic boat, great crew, good vibe... We were wherever the waves were best the whole time. If you are thinking about it, stop thinking and just Do It. I can't thank the Kaimana crew and Surging Waters team enough... I will be booking another trip as soon as possible."

Roger Sharp - Professional Photographer, UK, April 05



Great crew, great service, great food, exceptionally good surf guide, boat has lots of separate areas to chill if you want quiet time and plenty of space where you can all get together as one, cant miss having a great experience on the Kaimana.

Rod Landy Australia

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