Mentawai Surf Charters

Kelly Slater, setting up, during his trip on the Kaimana with Surging Waters

Your Mentawai Islands Surf Charter: General Info

Surging Waters operate two luxury boats in the Mentawai Islands, the Kaimana, and the Kaimana Royal (KR). The Kaimana offers 10 days/11 nights in the Mentawai, while the Kaimana Royal, the newest addition to the family offers a longer trip 12 days/13 nights and is able to reach the Telo's. The Kaimana Royal is also a more luxurious boat with more on offer. You can check out the specific details and whats on offer for each boat and their respective trips.

Kaimana Charter | 10 days / 11 nights

Kaimana Royal Charter | 12 days / 13 nights (Luxury)

Charter Inclusions for both boats

  • Airport transfers - to and from the boats
  • Use of all on-board equipment including fishing and snorkelling gear
  • Government and Harbour permits
  • Mentawai Government Tax
  • See pricing, food, drink and facilities for each boat Kaimana and Kaimana Royal

Optional extra: Photography available at USD$250 p/person.


Once you have arrived in Padang, a Surging Waters representative will meet you at the airport and transport you to the boat. If you arrive early you will be taken to a transit hotel where you can meet all the other passengers. Here you can freshen up with a free shower, relax and watch TV, and buy food and drinks.

Kaimana departs Padang harbour late in the afternoon/evening or once all passengers have arrived.

The next morning you wake up at your first surf spot to surf and video the best waves of your life for the next 10 full days!

You arrive back into Padang harbour early in the morning. A Surging Waters representative will transport you to the airport for your departure.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is mandatory for all charters on board Kaimana. Surging Waters has teamed up with STI, Surf Travel Insurance. We are now offering customers the best surf travel insurance at a specially negotiated discount rate. Surf Travel Insurance for surfing enthusiasts with EVAC cover during your surfing trip. All the Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plans have been designed for surfers with cover for you when surfing around the world. Our aim is to promote a great comprehensive surf travel insurance product for surfers, while providing the best air to land evac for medical and emergency assistance, with 24hr, 365 days cover worldwide. Plus if you book your cover now you will be covered for prepaid travel arrangement costs if you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances outside your control, sudden illness or serious injury before you begin your trip. To compare or get an online quote, please visit Surf Travel Insurance.

Food and Drinks

We supply 3 gourmet meals a day, specially prepared by our top chef. There are plenty of snacks including fresh fruit, nuts, biscuits and chocolate bars. If you have any special dietary requirements please advise at time of booking.

We also provide 3 icy cold beers a day, but if you need more we can buy them for you in Padang upon request. There is also purified water, soft drinks, juice, and not forgetting freshly brewed coffee and tea.


On board we have a huge flat screen TV with DVD and stereo player. We also have a wide range of DVD's, however you are also welcome to bring along your favourite movies or surf videos.

Other things you may want to bring:

  • Camera / Video camera
  • Mobile (we can get some mobile coverage at certain surf spots)
  • Books
  • iPod
  • Laptop

You can charge all your equipment on board. Power points are in every cabin so you can keep your belongings safe. We also have a few 12 volt inverters to charge sensitive equipment like laptops.


Mosquito nets are a good idea, especially if you plan to trek or visit other parts of Sumatra. All our rooms are equipped with air conditioning but feel free to use a net if you like sleeping under the stars on deck. Generally we anchor well way from land and mosquitoes but we recommend that you play it safe. Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases are a problem in most tropical countries.

Baggage handlers

At the airport in Padang be prepared for hustling baggage handlers. If you use their service please pay Rp. 10.000. If you don't need them to help you, please say TIDAK (NO) and do not let them carry your baggage.


It is best to bring cash or exchange to Rupiah in KL/Singapore/Jakarta/Bali before arriving as Padang rates are always lower.

How much cash to bring? We recommend you bring the equivalent of around USD$200. You will need to buy your dinner before boarding Kaimana, plus you may want to buy extra beers or souvenirs in the Mentawai Islands.

Our crew work extremely hard charter after charter, even though this is their job and they love it, it is always a nice gesture to reward them with a tip. Most passengers tip around USD$50 per person, but this is entirely up to you.

Major credit cards are accepted in Padang.

Trading on the islands requires small Rupiah denominations, once you have arrived in Padang try to get smaller notes Rp 1000, Rp. 5000 and Rp. 10.000 notes. Average Tip for baggage handlers, restaurants etc is Rp 10,000.

Imported wine and spirits are very difficult to find or are very expensive so buy duty free before arriving in Padang.

Best time for surf

The biggest and most consistent surf hits the islands from March to November. Biggest months are usually May, June, July and August. But intense storms in the Southern Indian Ocean can send big swell to the area as early as March and as late as November.

Wind and Weather

Winds are light and variable most of the year. During April to October SE to SW winds favour the left hand breaks and NW to W winds for the remainder of the year favour the rights. E to SE winds are strongest from June till September but expect lots of calm glassy days, especially early morning and afternoon.

Expect occasional small days for up to 3 or 4 days. Since the Indian Ocean is running the show there is not much we can do, however there are some special spots that break in the slightest ground swell so bring a short board for mini barrels in crystal clear water.

Also expect some thunderstorms with squalls for short periods of time, followed by calm. Take a break and have a warm rain shower.

Surf Experience

We will do our best to find you and your friends the best waves on the day to suit your level, raw beginners may find themselves watching the group from the shoulder but if you are serious about improving your surfing you will be rewarded.

Things to do other than surf

Snorkel over great coral reef, trawl for fish from the boat or dinghy, lie under a palm tree and read a book, or just watch the Mentawai coastline slip by.


Trip was awesome and Stan did a great job finding us unreal and uncrowded waves.

Brian Gunderson Australia

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